Lime Grove Studios
6/2019 ​​​​​​​
Celebrating design concept realisation and communication - through process and output. Featuring collaborative work from the School of Media & Communication and the School of Design Technology at London College of Fashion. The final showcase is the result of the combined efforts of 33 participants from across 11 courses at London College of Fashion.
This exhibition sets out to reveal some of the processes that take place behind images making and fashion design. The research, concept development and testing of new approaches, forms and processes goes on invisibly, unseen by the fashion consumer – yet these stages are vital to the evolution of new ideas. The show itself displays final garments and accessories used alongside the final images, against a background of behind the scenes images and contact sheets.
Model: Taehee Kim.
Photographer: Calvin Chinthaka.
Stylist: Lauren Jones.
Jewellery Design: Xinyue Dong.
Hair and Makeup: Sookyeong Seo. 
Curation: Justyna Mysior.
Production: Justyna Mysior, Nigel Tribbeck, Elle Sillanpaa.
Programme Directors: Lindsey Riley, Justyna Mysior.  

All images are copyright UAL, and work shown is copyright to the students involved.