Industry Specialised Project
This project fuses creative, practical, entrepreneurial and intellectual skills within an international industry context. Utilising Tengri as an  example of a sustainable luxury fashion brand; responsibly taking on Tengri's global business model into consideration, to develop a personal brand  approach; Soares Nogueira, a ready-to-wear line brand.
An innovative individual response to the wider social, ethical and sustainability issues within the wider context of the fashion industry. Soares Nogueira's first staple collection 'Azul e Castanha' is inspired by research and analyse of the Cape Verdean and Guinea- Bissau weaving community and its cultural heritage formed the basis of the design work. Exploring how a similar sustainable fashion enterprise, could benefit a local African community, using resources (natural or by-product waste), to focus on artisanal design and traditional African craft techniques. 
These ideas motivated an Afrocentric design opulence that is inspired by and caters to the pan-African look, yet rooted in Afrofuturist forwardness; incorporating a vibrant, textural and wholesome aesthetic. By looking back at indigenous methods to advance beyond simple fashion design and adopting African construction, sustainable production and ethical craftsmanship within the range. This collection perfectly aligns with Tengri’s global business model and provides a fresh innovative luxury design collaboration rooted in recovering African history and culture through a contemporary vision; that pushes African diaspora experiences forward through fashion, design, fabric and crafts. Using this as tool, to educate consumers on the contextual significance of these native practices, ethnic styles and organic processes.